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New RAW food restaurant in Karlovy Vary

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”



RAW Food

Live food, also known as RAW Food, carries a huge potential that is not found in everyday food. In RAW, you eat more diversely. Thus, the body receives all the necessary substances that are lost during the usual preparation of food. Thanks to live food, your body is cleansed, it will be able to confront diseases that the body could not fight before.

Start with the raw diet today, improve your physical and mental health, save time and money!

Our fresh offer

Raw food – vitarian pure vegetable diet without animal products

Composed solely of vegetables, fruits, sprouts, nuts and seeds

The food is processed thermally just up to 42°C

Full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals

Clean your body, energize your mind

It is an expression of love for mother earth, to animals and to yourself

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