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Our concept

Unique detoxification programme in the heart of Europe, right in the centre of Karlovy Vary.

  • Implementation of a holistic approach to human health. Inseparable interaction and collaboration both with the body and with the human psyche. Detoxification of body and soul.
  • Linking diagnostic methods of classic and alternative medicine that complement each other.
  • Synergistic effect of passive (procedural) and active parts.
  • Objective monitoring of the health status of a participant in the detoxification programme with the possibility of corrective changes during the detoxification process.
  • Maximum use of the natural healing power of healthy vital cuisine.
  • Focus on the healing power of the gifts of local nature and the inspiring surroundings of the hotel.
  • Possibility to complete full 10-, 14- and 21-day cleansing programs, or shortened specialised 7-day programmes.
  • Use of Prof. Nikolai Cirelnik’s methods developed specifically for our detoxing programme and synchromethod of Professor Khasai Alijev called the Key.
  • The active part of the programme is designed to be easily adopted by the participants, so that they are able to use its benefits for health without the help of instructors at home or virtually under any condition. This way, they can enjoy more advanced elements of the programme during their next stay.
  • One of the basic principles that takes place during the implementation of all the elements of our cleansing programme is the deacidification of the internal environment of the organism.
  • During our cleaning programmes, detoxification participants can also use the services of a cosmetologist and an aesthetic medicine doctor without leaving the hotel.

Comprehensive diagnostics.


  • Diagnostic methods of classical and alternative medicine are used for comprehensive assessment of the health status of participants in detoxification programmes, which combine and complement each other.
  • Before the arrival at our sanatorium for a detoxification course, the necessary examinations and necessary analyses must be made at the place of residence, or it is possible (only after prior notice) to undergo these examinations for an additional fee even after arriving at the hotel.
  • The physician may also prescribe additional examinations.
  • Independently of the results of the preliminary examinations and the conducted analyses, an examination will be carried out before and during the detoxification programme, which will complete the overall picture of the current state of health of the participant.
  • In order to monitor the health of the participant in the detoxification programme (to ensure the possibility of providing corrective changes in the cleansing process), the physician may choose some of the following examinations: diagnosis of functional status of the organism according to the rhythm of heart contractions (Russia), body structure analysis (Japan) haemo-scanning (Czech Republic), capillaroscopy (Japan), iridoscopy (Canada), express urine analysis (Germany).
  • All diagnostic devices are connected to a computer, allowing diagnosis to be performed interactively and with the assistance of a physician, and the detoxification programme participant may see it on a separate screen and, if necessary, the test results can be printed in colour for illustration and subsequent comparison.

Detoxification procedures. 

  • Selection of direct cleansing and detoxification procedures depends on the stage of detoxification of the organism and the sequence of procedures, which is physiologically conditioned. This concerns in particular the cleansing of the liver, intestinal tract and gall bladder; lung; kidney; skin.
  • Detoxification procedures (passive part of the programme) complement synergistically with the active part of the programme.
  • Zalman’s baths, monitored intestinal cleansing, liver cleansing, enema, lymphatic drainage, detoxification wraps, phytosauna are the main place among the procedures for cleaning the body.

List of treatments offered at the hotel that make up part of the accommodation package*

*prescribed by a physician

Mechanical lymphatic drainage
Monitored bowel cleanse (colon hydrotherapy)
Administration of preparations for the normalisation of intestinal flora
Administration of herbal teas
Zalmanov baths
Body peeling
Nasal rinse
Detoxification wraps (thalassotherapy)
Phyto sauna
Treatments and trainings of the active part of the program

Frequently asked questions:

I do not want to undergo colon hydrotherapy or receive an enema. Is it required, or can I refuse this treatment?

No, these treatments are not required. Your physician may offer them to you after your diagnostic examination. However, he/she also takes into account the wishes of the client. If the client does not agree to the procedure for any reason, he/she has the right to refuse it.

What type of clothing do I need to bring with me for movement activities?

Comfortable athletic clothing (such as soft sweat pants) that do not restrict movement and are suitable for performing gymnastics. For walking, you only need to bring comfortable shoes (trainers).

I do not have all of the examinations (analyses, results) that you require. What should I do?

For certain examinations, you may use results that are up to 3 years old. Please check the respective validity period in the list of examinations that we require. If you cannot undergo all of the examinations at our place of residence, you can undergo them directly in Karlovy Vary. However, in this case, the commencement of your treatment will be postponed by 2–3 days.

If the results for certain examinations are not available, your treatment plan will be based solely upon the available information. In this case, however, the outcome of your treatment may not be maximised.

Will I lose weight during the cleansing programme?

If you follow all of the rules of the programme, you will certainly lose weight. However, this is not the most important factor in the therapeutic process. The most important aspect is that you eliminate poisons and toxins from your body, you will have cleaner organs and skin, and thus will feel better physically.

I cannot do without meat/milk. Will I be hungry?

The 5 meals a day are structured in such a manner that you will receive all of the necessary vitamins and minerals every day, and your body will not be lacking anything.

When can I expect my first results?

In addition to other fundamental principles, our body cleansing programme is based on collaboration between our employees and the client. If you follow all of the rules, the results (not just a sensation of feeling well) will be evident as early as halfway through your stay. Consultations with a physician are scheduled throughout the course your stay, and during these consultations, the physician will perform diagnostics and together you will compare the results from when you arrived with those from the course of your treatment.