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Our team

Ing. Sylva Brouková

Hotel manager

Ing. Sylva Brouková is a graduate of the Business Academy and Hospitality Management College and speaks several languages fluently.

For more than 23 years she has seen her professional mission in hospitality and hotel management, and has successfully performed in multiple hotels in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and other countries.
She has gained her valuable experience through work across all hotel departments in different cultures.

Her heart is divided between hospitality and sport. She is an enthusiastic top-level practicing skier and coach of down-hill skiers. This passion of hers allows her to use her talent to motivate and lead other enthusiasts to their ultimate goals, which she has demonstrated in Japan and New Zealand, among others.

Management of the Detox Hotel Villa Ritter is another challenge for her. She was attracted by the interesting and unique concept, which has not yet been practiced in the Czech Republic in this unified form.

She appreciates this lifestyle, its closeness to nature and to one’s self, saying:

These are the simple principles that always worked in the past but disappeared over time. I think the disappearance was caused by the current detachment from perceiving one’s self. A human being with inner balance is healthy and his judgment and mind are healthy too.

Marek Horváth


For more than 30 years Marek Horváth has been dedicated to cooking . In this period, he has worked in many exquisite restaurants and peak kitchens of multiple-star hotels. He has gained experience not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Germany and knows the menu of the guests in Carlsbad perfectly. But as he says: “In recent years, I have been interested in finding a way to free myself from the classic standard Carlsbad gastronomy. The opportunity to build my own original RAW kitchen spurred me in my gastronomic practice and has given my team the chance to engage directly in the development of RAW foods.” As a chef, I have tested the effects of healthy nutrition and a generally healthy lifestyle on myself and I think that this is one of the important ways in which to fight the growing problem of diseases of civilization.

MUDr. Olesia Kovach

Olesia Kovach is working as a physician at Detox hotel Villa Ritter. She has worked for several years in a department where the most important treatment factor was classic medicine. At the time, the modification of one’s lifestyle was the least important. She comments on her experience as follows: “For us to be able to limit the pathogenic mechanisms in the everyday life of a patient, we must be capable of advising him/her on how to avoid harmful factors. For this reason, the Detox hotel Villa Ritter project caught my attention. It offers unusual approaches to the treatment of a patient, which rule out routine procedures and in which a ‘routine’ patient is non-existent. I believe that it is exactly this treatment concept that is worth the effort in the interests of the patient as well as to the benefit of the physician’s professional level.