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Detox Anti-Stress


« Please note that the treatment programme schedule listed on this page is solely for illustrative purposes. When establishing the treatment cycle, we take into account the specific issues of each client, as well as his or her wishes. »

Detox Anti-Stress

Length of stay: 7 days.

Package includes:

  • Room accommodation in comfort Villa style rooms
  • Initial examination with the doctor
  • 4 guided detoxifying treatments
  • Detoxifying vital cuisine (5 times a day)
  • Detox for mind and soul
  • 3 meditation sessions
  • 3 Detox breathing exercises
  • 3 anti stress couching using methodic “Key”
  • 3 Yoga classes indoor or outdoor
  • Carlsbad thermal water 3 times a day
  • Herbal tea drinking 3 times a day
  • Alkaline Water Aqua Angels
  • Healthy food cooking classes
  • Access to the wellness area
  • (Swimming pool, whirl pool, sauna, steam room)

Treatments may alternate according to doctor’s recommendations

List of analyses/examinations included in the accommodation package

Diagnostics of overall functional status based on heart rate

Examination of the overall functional status of the body is conducted using computer technology, based on a neurodynamic analysis of cardiac rhythm variability A fractal portrait is established based on the results, and the following are conducted:

  • Monitoring of functional status indicators
  • Assessment of the status of the cardiovascular system
  • Assessment of the status of the autonomous nervous system
  • Assessment of the body’s energy sources and adaptive range
  • Assessment of the psycho-emotional state
  • Dynamic monitoring
  • Assessment of the client’s biological age
Analysis of body structure

Total weight, percentage of body fat, fluids, muscle, and bone mass, minimum daily caloric output (BMR), metabolic age (12–99 years), visceral fat (intra-abdominal fat)

Express urinalysis

pH, proteins, specific gravity, leukocytes, urobilinogen, blood, ketones, bilirubin, glucose

Blood tests

Intravitreal blood droplet microscopy
For any kind of illness, blood tests offer the opportunity to specify the cause. An intravitreal blood test will help establish the status of erythrocytes, their plasma mobility, and the presence and susceptibility to clustering and ligation. The degree of the development of coagulation activity of the blood is evaluated. The level of immune system activity and its ability to fight infections is determined. In addition to this, the impact or cause of the onset of many illnesses of various pathological changes are ascertained in the blood plasma and cell structure. A particularly significant indicator of overall health is the presence of fungi, protozoa, and eggs of intestinal parasites.

The patient is present during the diagnostics, and, together with the physician, assesses foreign cells, bacteria, fungi, and single-celled living organisms, crystals, or dead cells and non-cell blood elements that were present in his/her blood, and takes note of positive or negative changes and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the completed treatment.


An intravitreal examination of capillaries and capillary circulation
This method allows for a relatively reliable determination of the level of reaction of the cardiovascular system to the administered procedures and allow for adjustments to be made to their intensity and nature in a timely manner.


Allows for a sufficiently reliable determination of the body’s level of toxicity according to characteristic indicators of heavy metal toxicity, the presence of intestinal dysbiosis and toxicity that spreads as a result of decaying food and the activity of pathogenic bacteria. Provides a clear picture of the contamination of the lymphatic system and the epidermis.


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Frequently asked questions:

I do not want to undergo colon hydrotherapy or receive an enema. Is it required, or can I refuse this treatment?

No, these treatments are not required. Your physician may offer them to you after your diagnostic examination. However, he/she also takes into account the wishes of the client. If the client does not agree to the procedure for any reason, he/she has the right to refuse it.

What type of clothing do I need to bring with me for movement activities?

Comfortable athletic clothing (such as soft sweat pants) that do not restrict movement and are suitable for performing gymnastics. For walking, you only need to bring comfortable shoes (trainers).

I do not have all of the examinations (analyses, results) that you require. What should I do?

For certain examinations, you may use results that are up to 3 years old. Please check the respective validity period in the list of examinations that we require. If you cannot undergo all of the examinations at our place of residence, you can undergo them directly in Karlovy Vary. However, in this case, the commencement of your treatment will be postponed by 2–3 days.

If the results for certain examinations are not available, your treatment plan will be based solely upon the available information. In this case, however, the outcome of your treatment may not be maximised.

Will I lose weight during the cleansing programme?

If you follow all of the rules of the programme, you will certainly lose weight. However, this is not the most important factor in the therapeutic process. The most important aspect is that you eliminate poisons and toxins from your body, you will have cleaner organs and skin, and thus will feel better physically.

I cannot do without meat/milk. Will I be hungry?

The 5 meals a day are structured in such a manner that you will receive all of the necessary vitamins and minerals every day, and your body will not be lacking anything.

When can I expect my first results?

In addition to other fundamental principles, our body cleansing programme is based on collaboration between our employees and the client. If you follow all of the rules, the results (not just a sensation of feeling well) will be evident as early as halfway through your stay. Consultations with a physician are scheduled throughout the course your stay, and during these consultations, the physician will perform diagnostics and together you will compare the results from when you arrived with those from the course of your treatment.