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The Home of Natural Healing Powers

Detox the whole body

People say that cleanliness is next to godliness, or cleanliness is half your health. This however applies not only to the environment you are in but also to your body. We have prepared an effective cleansing cure for you that will take away undesirable elements from your body that burden your everyday life. The cleansing process focuses on four areas of the human body: the liver, the gall bladder and the intestines, the lungs, the kidneys and the skin. The cure may be implemented as a whole or separated into two lines – passive and active.

Nutritional therapy

To make every day an experience for you our spa hotel offers a varied menu based on raw cuisine, i.e. food that has not undergone thermal processing at temperatures above 42 °C. Thanks to that the food keeps all the necessary enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients. In addition, we purchase ingredients for preparation of our meals from the best local and European suppliers. Thus you can be sure that your body will receive top quality nutrients in their best form and treatment thanks to our unique concept of a raw restaurant! The artistry of our chefs will pleasantly surprise you. This form of dining is preferred by many popular personalities worldwide but also and above all by people who care for their health. Join them!

Sound in Body, Sound in Mind

Physical activity has been undertaken by humans since times immemorial. Physical exercise not only positively affects your health but also brings pleasure to your life and helps your mental wellbeing. We have prepared several physical activities for you and healthy exercise controlled by experienced physiotherapists. They will recommend the most appropriate physical activity best corresponding to your health condition and physical fitness and will teach you how to perform it correctly.